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Westminster Drug Project Adopts Wizards 3CX Hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

WDP are a charity providing drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services in London, the South East and East of England. As such, WDP have case workers scattered across many disparate facilities, meeting with clients in various locations that are often owned by partners. …read more

Summertown Clinic Cuts Costs With AgileFone During Lockdown

Established in 1975 by David and Kerry Ruddick, Summertown Clinic is now run by James Ruddick who, like his parents, is a qualified and practicing osteopath. This thriving clinic now includes 28 practitioners offering 18 different therapies covering osteopathy, podiatry, acupuncture and others. …read more

Colin Dean Residential Sidesteps Lockdown and Saves Money With 3CX From Wizards

Colin Dean Residential Sidesteps Lockdown and Saves Money With 3CX From Wizards

Letting and Estate Agents Colin Dean Residential have been operating in Harrow and Watford since 1989 and unsurprisingly have never had the need to work from home during all those years. The business moved office around 15 years ago and took over an existing ISDN based solution from the previous tenant. As expected this gave good reliable service and there were no plans to change what was a working solution. …read more

Thrive During #Lockdown!

Thrive During #Lockdown!

#LockdownEnd will be with us soon; how are preparing for the "new normal"? @WizardsLtd can help by giving you a phone system you can use remotely and while #workingfromhome #WFH using your existing office numbers and here's a video showing you how …link

@WizardsLtd Keeping You in Business! Making and Receiving Office Calls #WORKINGFROMHOME #WFH During #Lockdown

Making and receiving office phone call is vital during #lockdown #lockdownUKnow especially as #Lockdownextention @wizardsLtd  can help with #WORKINGFROMHOME #WFH Making and Receiving Office Phone Calls …link

Self Driving Cars Software Company Oxbotica Choose Hosted 3CX from Wizards

Spun out of Oxford University, Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI) 4 years ago, Oxbotica write software for self driving cars. Having built the company on sales only, headcount was already 70 in January 2019 trading from Galactic Headquarters in Summertown, Oxford with other offices in Culham near Abingdon. Having secured substantial funding, the business entered a phase of major expansion with significant numbers of new recruits focussed on writing software all of whom require business support in terms of infrastructure, finance, human resources etc.
…read more

How @wizardsLtd Hosted VoIP Means Greater Availability Of Your Phone Systems

How @wizardsLtd Hosted VoIP Means Greater Availability Of Your Office Phone Systems

Office phone systems are based on PBX (private branch exchange) systems which have been based on ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) since the late 1980s but are now rapidly moving toward VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) with the drivers being: …read more

The End Of ISDN, Why, When And How Will This Affect My Business?

First defined in 1988 ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a protocol for transmitting voice, video, data, etc. ISDN2 delivers over the traditional circuits of the PSTN (public switched telephone network) which is essentially the network of copper wires that phone calls are traditionally made and received over where ISDN30 can also use that copper network it usually delivers over a 2Mb/sec fibre pair. …read more

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