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Summertown Clinic Cuts Costs With AgileFone During Lockdown

Established in 1975 by David and Kerry Ruddick, Summertown Clinic is now run by James Ruddick who, like his parents, is a qualified and practicing osteopath. This thriving clinic now includes 28 practitioners offering 18 different therapies covering osteopathy, podiatry, acupuncture and others.

The clinic continues to see around 350 patients per week so phone contact remains a vital element of the business with patients using the numbers published here to book appointments with the few outbound calls largely directed to scheduling patient appointments also vital to the smooth running of the practice.

Discussions with Summertown Clinic began with a review of the installed analogue system and associated costs; we quickly discovered we could deliver very considerable savings on top of a more flexible solution!

A quick look at reveals we have a portfolio of VoIP options and quickly identified the AgileFone Lite solution including 500 minutes to UK landlines and mobiles per month/extension at £4.95/extension per month as the ideal solution. We also costed a process to port all the numbers plus take over the internet connection to the building. Wizards have been providing internet connectivity since our beginnings in 1994 and including them with a VoIP solution means we are able to support both services. In this way should questions be raised about either, we quickly establish where and how any fault may have arisen and resolve with the appropriate support.

Given the pronounced commercial advantages the AgileFone solution offered, agreement on the plan was soon reached and we then had to decide how to build the replacement system during lockdown. Other than a couple of weeks at the beginning, as a health facility the clinic was trading almost throughout lockdown with all of us committed to following the strict protocols setup to protect patients and staff during the installation process. Setup, number porting and taking over the broadband were all accomplished remotely with hardware delivered by courier and other than one brief masked visit to review network configuration the work of the installation was mainly done by James Ruddick himself with support from Wizards.

We are 3 months into the contract and James is making his life easier by taking another extension to use at home on top of the smartphone app. We have also jointly reviewed the charges to find the clinic had made very significant savings by replacing the previous obsolete and expensive analogue system.

James Ruddick commented "Our new telephone solution has been a revelation, allowing us far greater flexibility, much easier to deal with and a fraction of the cost of the analogue system it replaced. The team at Wizards were very supportive and always responsive to all the queries we had. I'd highly recommend the Wizards who've magically created a brilliant cost effective upgrade to our telephone system, thanks!"

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