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Colin Dean Residential Sidesteps Lockdown and Saves Money With 3CX From Wizards

Colin Dean Residential Sidesteps Lockdown and Saves Money With 3CX From Wizards

Letting and Estate Agents Colin Dean Residential have been operating in Harrow and Watford since 1989 and unsurprisingly have never had the need to work from home during all those years. The business moved office around 15 years ago and took over an existing ISDN based solution from the previous tenant. As expected this gave good reliable service and there were no plans to change what was a working solution.

Necessity is the mother of invention with the pandemic delivering the requirement to work from home while running the business keeping tenants happy and landlord rental income flowing. Initially the priority was for a system that would support existing numbers while allowing agents to work from home and about 8 vendors were reviewed before engaging fully with 3CX from Wizards.

MD Dean Ayling commented “What convinced us was Wizards series of videos where we could see someone in what was obviously a home office setting up and running the system using equipment we understood and recognised using plain English. This went further when Wizards ran a Webmeeting and we could virtually meet Chris and Ian recognising we were dealing with people who understood our business and were able to walk us through the service delivery process.”

That service delivery including porting all the business’s numbers ran smoothly, all staff bought into the solution which enabled working from home or office seamlessly. Part of the delivery process is a session with Chris where he shows the functionality the system can deliver which included a message used to direct calls made over the Christmas holiday to be enabled in a matter of a few minutes which was a revelation.

The biggest surprise was the 3CX Webmeeting app that Dean Ayling immediately recognised could be used in place of tenant visits. Outside of lockdown it’s standard practice for letting agents to view the state of properties on behalf of landlords ensuring things like smoke alarms are working properly as well as ensuring all is being kept in order. Lockdown clearly meant visits to other households were impossible but the practice could continue with the tenant using the 3CX Webmeeting smartphone app to run a virtual tour of the property showing what was required without needing anyone to leave home.

This is the first genuine technology change required in 15 years so upgrading to VoIP came with costs. Ease of use plus the capacity to easily run the business seamlessly between home and office meant all staff embraced the change quickly and easily and using Webmeeting has been invaluable. It almost seems incidental on top of these benefits moving to 3CX has meant telephony costs have fallen to one third of previous costs using the previous conventional system!

Here is the video showing how Wizards implement 3CX

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