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Wizards Lone Worker Solution

Wizards Lone Worker Solution

Workplaces can be hostlie meaning you need to provide protection to frontline colleagues who facing danger from cleints or the work itself. Wizards Lone Worker Solution delivers that protection using either radios or conventional iOS or Android smartphones via a central Command and Control Centre with the benefit of always available mobile signal Wizards Multinet SIM technology using Push To Talk technology, this complete solution ensures Lone Workers are always connected and protected by the following: 

Emergency Call:

For use in emergency or distress situations, initiated by the user from the display or SOS key on the device, this sends an alert to all team members and the Command and Control Centre with the GPS location of the device.

GPS Location 

The lone worker’s location is available shown on a map at Command and Control at all times. 

Remote Camera Recording:

The Command and Control operator can access the remote microphone, front and rear cameras of the device allowing verification of the  circumstances of the lone worker.

Man Down:

Automatic emergency alerting including GPS location to both the Command and Control Centre plus colleagues activated by the accelerometer on the device which is built in to all recent smartphones 

No Movement Alarm:

Users are tracked via GPS, if the system identifies the user has become motionless the GPS location and an alert can be sent to the Command and Control Centre plus colleagues.

Periodic Check:

This automatically checks in with the Lone Worker seeks confirmation that “everything fine”, if no response is given an alert is sent to the Command and Control Centre plus colleagues with the GPS location.

Crisis Team:

The Command and Control Operator can dynamically assemble a response team for the specific emergency/crisis event, with all the support of the features to manage and control such a situation.


Alerting the user plus Command and Control Centre if the user enters a restricted or high risk area, or if the user leaves a defined area.

Command and Control Centre Interface

As you can see the system delivers comprehensive protection to your front line colleagues and the true power of that protection is quickly apparent in a live demonstration. 

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