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Office Phone Systems

Office Phone Systems

Wizards have been in the business of delivering office phone systems for over 10 years and have a portfolio of services that together build a complete offering driving down your costs without compromise to the industrial strength of the overall solution.

New phone systems are all now based on VoIP technology as described here and we have two options for delivering office phone systems which are:

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Office Phone Systems

Line Ordering 

Wizards can order a variety of services from a number of providers from a number of suppliers: PSTN (POTS) lines, ISDN2 lines, and ISDN30 lines. We can take over, and add to existing lines, arrange lines to a new site or any combination thereof. Billing is consolidated and centralised as per client requirements and Wizards have the expertise to expedite lines more quickly than clients alone.

Non-Geographic and Low Cost 0303 and 0333 Numbers 

Operate nationally but need a local cost call number? Wizards can set up non geographic and low cost 0303 and 0333 numbers which are charged to the caller at local call rates. There is a one off set up fee that is fairly minor except if you require a “golden number” such as 0333 333 333. 

Note: Certain 0300 numbers are reserved for charities, public-sector and not-for-profit organizations. and you may check your eligibility for these numbers on Ofcom's website before applying - or call and chat, we can help!

To make your life easier, Wizards can map these non-geographic services on to your existing number(s) using our Wizards Call Forwarding Service. These numbers can be used in conjunction with our PBX or hosted VoIp services, or connected to any existing telephone service.

Cut Your Phone Bill With Low Cost Calls

The time may not be right for you to look at an up to date VoIP system and you need to maximise the value from your existing phone system and here Wizards can help! Using our Carrier PreSelect service we simply tale over the BT line and route call via our favoured low cost carrier. You do nothing beyond instructing us how you want the new lower billing to work and we do all the work.

SIPTrunk service for VOIP PBX systems

Wizards can provide Sip Trunks for your VoIP PBX. We have a range of services to match differing requirements.

Fax-To-Email and Email-To-Fax.

Looking to retire your fax machine but still need to process faxes? Wizards deliver a single fax number and faxes are sent automatically by email to an inbox of your choice. Wizards can create an email account where documents are sent by fax to the fax number of your choice. The numbers can be geographic or non-geographic as required and can cope with concurrent faxes which means a sender never gets an engaged tone.

SMS services

Wizards SMS system sends out text messages to small or large numbers of mobile phone numbers, occasionally or regularly as required! Create and manage multiple address books of recipients; create messages to send to a single user or a groups; messages can be sent at once or queued to be sent at pre-set times.

Phone/CRM Integration

Most though not all CRM systems can be integrated with telephony systems and the VoIP systems offered by Wizards (LINK) are ideal for this purpose.

Ian Charles and Chris Comley discussing the value to your business of Office Phone Systems from Wizards Ltd

For more detail on these and other services contact us on 0333 241 7707 or use

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