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Mobile Solutions for Office Phone Systems

Mobile Solutions to Work with Office Phone Systems

To complement our range of office phone systems and small business phone system Wizards have a partner business who can deliver business strength solutions in mobile phones, tablets, mobile data and mobile insurance across all the major networks. Whether you need smartphones, a mobile data solution, mobile insurance or a business mobile deal and tariff, Wizards can help you make sense of the bewildering array of options now available in the market. Using our carefully selected partner we can give you options on any network with direct billing or partner billing to build a flexible package for you and/or your clients. 

Wizards did look closely at offering mobile phones and mobile comms but given our specialisation in office phone systems and small business phone system and the complexity of the business model required to make a success of mobile comms we felt we could not justify entering the market when there was such a professional expert partner who could do the job so much better than ourselves. 

Given your interest in office phone systems and small business phone system, you are almost certainly in a contract of some sort and may appreciate the option of unwinding yourselves from the current position and exploring the alternatives available to you. There are a huge array of alternatives available and demystifying these is the value our partner brings. Our partner has direct relationships with the major networks and has their own billing platform. These factors mean they can offer mobile deals directly with the networks or bill you their client directly. The strength of these relationships coupled with their expertise and superior buying power means you can get a contract that will be commercially superior to any you can negotiate directly. 

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