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Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity; without it you are dead in the water. Time is money and a slow or unreliable connection is costing you hard cash. Lost sales plus an inability to access email, VoIP, Office 365, CRM or bookkeeping systems means your business is not waving but drowning. Slow internet means frustration within the business plus customers can't contact you when they need to resulting in lost business and damaged reputation.

There Is No SLA On Broadband and Outages Can Take 7+ Days To Fix.

You and your business are reliant on your Internet Connectivity; if that's a single broadband line you are at risk of being down for a week or more. Realistically you need options to increase reliability, bandwidth and speed of your connection. Wizards cannot deliver services that aren't there but we can give you options including:

  • Second broadband connection via different network.
  • 4G connection as failover option.
  • Alternative service such as Ethernet delivered to an enforceable SLA with real time to fix; pricing on lease lines is falling all the time so they now are worth considering.
  • Satellite broadband.

Thinking of New Premises? Ask Wizards To Check Internet Connectivity Options As Part Of Your Decision!

We have established that Internet Connectivity is fundamental to your business so understanding what is available at an address needs to be part of the decision of where to move. Wizards have been delivering and managing Internet Connectivity for our clients since 1994 so we have the pedigree to understand what your options are how you can get the services you need to run your business. It is important to emphasise that we cannot deliver services that are not there and much of the UK is beyond the reach of the main fibre networks so getting the bandwidth and availability may not be an economic option. So, the message is: check Internet Connectivity before you move!

Ian Charles and Chris Comley of Wizards Ltd discuss the value of Wizards delivering Internet Connectivity

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