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Horizon Hosted VoIP

Hosted in the cloud, Horizon Hosted VoIP is a fully hosted, cloud based Software Based VoIP IP PBX Telephony Solution that plugs into your existing network and directs calls over the Internet. For more details on these or other Wizards products please call 0333 241 7707 or use

Ian Charles and Chris Comley of Wizards Ltd. discussing how Hosted VoIP and Gamma Horizon add value to your business

Hosted VoIP

Horizon Hosted VoIP has the following features...

Fast Installation.

Phones arrive preconfigured, you unpack, connect the handset to the base, and plug into the network. On power up the phone connects to the server downloads its configuration and settings which takes approximately ten minutes following which you’re ready to make calls!  

Wizards are of course happy to do this for you though if required otherwise installation of the system is FREE!

Free Calls to UK Landlines and Mobiles

Horizon Hosted VoIP operates on a subscription basis with a small monthly fee payable and thereafter calls to

  • UK Landlines (any 01, 02 or 03 number) FREE;
  • UK Mobiles any carrier (note not all 07 numbers are mobile) – FREE
  • Other numbers - charged per second only at our competitive rates

Low Cost International Calls

Charges are continually moving down so please enquire via or 0333 241 7707 for today’s rates.

Calls Charged Per Second with Free Itemised Billing

Wizards bill per second connected, with no rounding up, no miimum call charge, and no call setup carge (except for services paid for by a call setup fee). 

Free itemised billing also available as a .CSV file download which means you can accurately bill per department or activity.

Number Flexibility

Horizon Hosted VoIP is designed to allow you to map any UK number:

  • Import and/or add to your existing phone numbers
  • Any UK geographic code area. 
  • Any UK non-geographic and low cost 0303 and 0333 numbers charged to the caller at local call rates
  • Or multiple numbers in multiple areas if required

There is no limit to how many numbers you can have and your Horizon phone displays both the number or name of the person calling, but also which of your numbers they dialled. In this way you can tell if an incoming call is a sales call, or an accounts enquiry, or if it’s a response to your advertising or mailshot. Horizon enables a separate phone number for each phone, company or department numbers with hunt groups. You choose which phones ring for each number, or if a number should go directly to voicemail or to an auto-attendant. 

Please see Phone Services for details!


A fundamental part of the business landscape, voicemail is an embedded feature of Horizon Hosted VoIP with options including:

  • System standard greeting message or personal message which you can change at any time.
  • Voicemail is accessible from anywhere.
  • Voicemail sent embedded as email 
  • Voicemail notification via email
  • Voicemail accounts for hunt groups, allowing companywide or department voice messaging for out-of-hours calls.

In the event you can’t use your phones, such as during a power cut, or no access to the network, incoming calls can be set to route to your mobile or another phone. Alternatively, your incoming calls will still go to your voicemail box which you can access from a mobile or landline.

Call Recording

Horizon Hosted VoIP includes as a cost option, the following call recording options:

  • Record all calls.
  • Record a fixed percentage.
  • Record calls on demand.

Hunt Groups

Horizon Hosted VoIP can be set to call multiple extensions or sequential extensions as required meaning calls are answered by the staff member most appropriate to dealing with the enquiry. Each hunt group is allocated an incoming outside number, and an extension number. A call coming in to either number can be set to:

  • Ring all the phones in the group at once
  • Ring each phone in turn, starting with the extension that least recently rang
  • Ring each phone in turn starting with the extension which has been idle longest

Horizon Hosted VoIP allows you to choose which phones are in each group, how long to try each phone, and options if a call is not answered. Hunt groups have a specific voicemail account, meaning unanswered calls are directed to a greeting relevant to the team they were trying to reach, or the whole company, instead of an individual personal voicemail message. Options include call recording independent of settings for individual users.

Incoming calls to a hunt group are easy to deal with as the Horizon phone display shows caller ID and which group was called.  In this way the call is addressed appropriately and calls to a number used in advertising or mailshot are identified and captured.


Another feature of 21st Century telephony, twinning allows you to twin your Horizon Hosted VoIP extension with a mobile, home landline, or any number of your choice. In this way a call, internal or external, rings your extension and simultaneously your mobile or other twinned phone and you answer the call on either device. 

For more detail on Horizon Hosted VoIP and other services please enquire using or 0333 241 7707.

Existing users - to access the Horizon control panel click here.

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