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0303 Numbers and 0333 Numbers Free!

0303 Numbers and 0333 Numbers Free!

Get 0303 Numbers and 0333 Numbers Free!

Get national customers calling you at local call rates by getting 0303 Numbers and 0333 Numbers Free! Using one of these "nationwide" 03 numbers instead of a traditional 01 or 02 "geographic" number costs nothing extra. We can provide these numbers on any of our services. 

To understand more about getting 0303 Numbers and 0333 Numbers free and other services contact us on 0333 241 7707 or use

Ian Charles and Chris Comley of Wizards Ltd show how free 0303 Numbers and 0333 Numbers add value to your business

0303 Numbers

Callers dialling your new 03 number pay the same as they would for any other national rate call - and these calls are included in any "free" or "prepaid" minutes they may have on their call package, unlike 08xx numbers.  0303 and 0333 numbers replace 0845 and 0870 numbers that have become unpopular as call charges are seen as punitive when dialled as they have failed to keep pace with falls in local call charges. Non-geographic numbers are designed to deliver services otherwise unavailable on standard landline phone numbers, particularly with respect to:

  • Call Routing. Calls may be flexibly redirected to any destination as required which means calls may be answered in different call centres according to the point of origin of the call and/or time of day.
  • One Number Principle. Organisations with more than 1 location may advertise a single national phone number rather different numbers for each locale.
  • Location Neutrality. Geographic numbers are by definition linked with specific areas. Non-geographic numbers deliver a mechanism of broadening the geographic area they appear to cover and obviates the need to change phone numbers in the event of relocation or expansion.
  • Resilience and Disaster Recovery. Standard geographic based landline numbers may become unreachable in the event of a fault or damage to the telephone network in that specific area. Non-geographic numbers mean incoming calls can be easily redirected to alternative locations as required.
  • Local Call Charges. Using 0303 and 0333 numbers means all calls are charged at the local rate or included in any pre-paid minutes wherever in the UK the call is placed. 

0333 Numbers

The quickest way to get an 03 number running is on our Call Forwarding platform for as little as £5 per month. And you get feedback on where your calls are coming from!

*Note -  0300 numbers are only available to certain organizations. 0303 or 0333 are available to anyone.

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