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Domain Purchase

Fundamental to your capacity to operate on the internet is Domain Purchase (such as ours Having a long history as an Internet Service Provider Wizards can help in both straightforward and creative ways, please feel free to call us on 0333 241 7707 or use

Ian Charles and Chris Comley of Wizards Ltd discuss how Wizards can help with a Domain Purchase

Domain Purchase

Domain Purchase has options; whether you need a traditional .com, .net, or want one of the newer more creative suffixes such as .online, .news, .tech .club etc. Wizards can advise on availability and which Domain Purchase best meets your needs; please call us on 0333 241 7707 or use

Domain Purchase Services

Domain Renewal

Domain Purchase requires registration for a given period of years which like any other service is renewed as required when you bought it; Wizards will assist with this process renewing as required or allowing to lapse if this is the option you prefer.

Transfer into Wizards

We routinely assist with domain transfer; to ensure this process is achieved simply and without loss of service or email please call us on 0333 241 7707 or use

Domain Hosting: A Users Guide

Hosting a domain essentially means acting as a receptionist, addressing queries such as "who owns this domain?" and more detailed queries such as "to which server should I send mail for a user in this domain?" and "Where will I find this domain's website?"

There are a number of options here which include:

Domain Parking

This a simple service where your domain remains your property whilst held inactive, without email or a website but ready to activate at short notice.

Basic Hosting

Including email for up to five users our basic hosting service holds your domain on our main domain servers maintaining the "zone file", a small database describing how your domain works, where to send emails, where to find the web server, etc. Rather than an impersonal portal we operate this as a personal service delivered in response to telephone call or email making the changes you request.

Hidden Primary

Here you host your own zone file but Whois data publishes to Wizards servers exclusively, meaning we handle all the public query load and our servers remain active and visible in the event that your connection to the internet is lost.


Here Wizards look after batches of domains for some larger users in either basic or hidden primary mode. 

For web hosting and email hosting, see those pages off our Internet Services page.

Terms and Conditions

By registering a domain with Wizards you are agreeing to these terms.

Please be aware that failure to renew your domain with us before its expiry date may lead to it being deleted. We do not renew domains automatically (unless you pay by Direct Debit) nor do we renew domains before payment is received. Please ensure we have your correct billing address, and when you receive your invoice for invoice renewal, make sure you pay it within two weeks. Customers paying by direct debit needn't bother unless the Direct Debit fails for some reason, but SHOULD make us aware if they no longer require a domain before we renew it. 

If you use a domain registered via Wizards for illegal activity be aware we will always fully and actively co-operate with the police and authorities on request. 

Nominet (i.e. .uk domains) 

For domains ending in .uk, please note the following terms and conditions of Nominet - the overall authority for UK domains.

Whislt we would hope never to have a dispute, as our aim is always to discuss any issue with customers and keep them informed at all times as to what is happening, why, and when, Nominet require us to display on the website our dispute resolution procedure.


Wizards uses OpenSRS to host domains other than those ending in .uk 

We confirm that such purchases are regulated under the ICANN Registrant Rights and Responsibilities Under the 2009 Registrar Accreditation Agreement as described here.

By registering a domain with Wizards you are agreeing to these terms.

Domain Renewals

NOTE that when your domain is due to be renewed with the relevant registrar, e.g. Nominet, we will invoice you ahead of time to give you a chance to decide if you still wish to retain the domain. You can confirm you wish to continue by paying the invoice. If you wish to cancel, please contact us to confirm! 

Nominet domains (anything ending in .uk ) the renewal fee is £10 for two years.

With the exception of some special domains (contact us for details if you have or want an unusual TLD) the renewal is £10 per year.

Domain Expiry

If you do not pay for your domain renewal before it is due, we will not pay the registrar. This results in the domain expiring. What happens when a domain expires depends on the registrar! In some cases this leads to the domain being instantly deleted from the system and the domain name being available for someone else to register at once! In other caese (e.g. domains ending .uk) there is a grace period during which the domain will stop working but it remains registered to you and can still be renewed.

We stronlgly advise you NOT to depend on the grace period and NOT to allow your domain to expire if it is important to you. We will give you plenty of notice that your domain is due to be renewed and we will automatically invoice you for it. If you do not pay by Direct Debit it is your responsibility to ensure that payment for this renewal reaches us before the domain expiry date. If you allow your domain to reach expiry date without paying for the renewal, you may lose it. Wizards Ltd will accept no liability for or resulting from the domain being removed from the registry or otherwise lost to you due to non-payment of renewal fees.

If your domain is close to expiry and we have not heard from you we may make further attempts to contact you but you should not depend on this.

Please ensure we have your correct contact details. WIzards Ltd will not accept liability for any communication including invoices, warnings of impending expiry, etc., failing to reach you because you have not given us correct contact details. If you have any doubt about this please contact us at once and confirm the details we hold.


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