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Call Forwarding

Call us now on us on 0333 241 7707 or use to manage your Call Forwarding and talk to us about your disaster recovery plans, and see how Call Forwarding can help! 

Ian Charles and Chris Comley discussing how Wizards Call Forwarding adds value to your business

Call Forwarding

How Call Forwarding works.

The Wizards Call Forwarding service gives you on-line access to call routing and call information. Easy web based controls let you decide where incoming phone calls are delivered, and gives you access to information about all your calls.

You can use geographic or non-geographic (e.g. 0844, 0845, 0800) numbers. We can even take over an existing number from  a BT landline.

You can route calls to anywhere on the planet, landlines, mobiles, VOIP services...

The service comes in three editions with some optional extras available to any edition. Here's the table of features! Scroll on down for a description of each feature.

Call Forwarding Service Features.

Contact Point Contact Path
Contact Pro
Online Call management Yes Yes Yes
Divert on Busy, No Answer, fail Yes Yes Yes
Day of week rules Yes Yes Yes
Time of day rules Yes Yes Yes
Date rules (e.g. bank holidays)   Yes Yes
Call Distribution   Yes Yes
Area Based Routing   Yes Yes
Hunt Groups Yes Yes
Call Queuing     Yes
IVR/AutoAttendant     Yes
Announcement Yes
Supplemental services      
Advanced Stats Optional Optional Optional
Call Recording Optional Optional Optional
Voicemail Optional Optional Optional
Call Whisper Optional Optional Optional


What do these mean? 

Online Call Management. The service in all flavours is controlled via a web portal. So long as you know your username and password you can log in from anywhere and change the rules your calls follow, or access the call history information.

Basic Performance Stats. Information on the number of calls each day, etc.

Divert on Busy, No Answer, or Fail. As simple as it sounds - if the destination you've chosen for your call is busy, or doesn't answer, or can't be reached, the call goes somewhere else instead. You choose where. This can include voicemail!

Day of week rules. You can pre-define rules which routes calls based on the day of week. So you can be at your office on Monday, work from home on Tuesday, and go play golf on Wednesday with your mobile in your pocket, and people can still reach you by dialling your Inbound number, and you don't need to keep logging in and switching the settings.

Time of Day rules. As it sounds, have calls routed to different destinations depending on the time. Quickly and easily set up "office", "out of hours"  rules, and, again, you don't have to keep changing the settings to have these take effect. At the time you define, calls automatically start going to your voicemail or to your out-of-ours support rep instead of ringing in the office.

Date rules. These let you predefine rules for specific dates. Great for setting up call handling for bank holidays, inset days, etc., in advance. On less thing to think about on the Friday before a bank holiday if your phone calls are already configured to go to the right destination on Monday.

Call Distribution. Have your calls distributed around a pool of operators working in different locations. So for example you can have calls reach Alf, Bert and Charlie even though Alf is working at his desk, Bert is working from home, and Charlie is emergency babysitting for her sister...

Area Based Routing. Route calls depending where they've come from. For example, any calls originating from a dialling code area in Wales can be routed to your Cardiff staff, calls from Scottish numbers to your Stirling staff, etc..

Hunt Groups. You can set up a sequence of phones to be tried in turn, or at the same time! For example a call can ring both on your desk phone and on your mobile.

Call Queuing. With this system you can run a call centre. This service includes comprehensive toosl for monitoring the queue, so you can see how many callers are waiting, how long they've been waiting, etc., and you can see how each agent is fairing.

IVR/AutoAttendant. This allows you to build "voice menus" - you know the sort of thing "Please press 1 to speak to sales" etc. You can also set up simple annoucements, e.g. "The offices are closed today, please call back on Monday". Building the "rules" here is as easy as the rest of the system setup - all done by dragging and dropping "flow chart" elements on the web page.

Announcement. This option just plays a message. Optionally you can go on to handle the call e.g. to voicemail, or just terminate it after playing the announcement.

Advanced Stats. Extensive information on the calls you have received. Particularly useful if you are using Inbound in connection with an advertising campaign, for example.

Call Recording. You can choose to record all calls, a random sample (you choose what percentage), or you can choose to record-on-demand, so if you are half-way through a call and decide it would be useful to have a record of it, you just tap in a code on your phone and the WHOLE call is recorded on our system for you to download.

Voicemail. As you would expect, the facility to have calls forwarded to a voicemail service, callers are greeted with a voice message you have set up, then their response is recorded.

Call Whisper. This is useful if you want to know a call is being forwarded to you by the Inbound system. You pre-record a "hint" and this is played back to you at the start of a call, before the caller is connected. So your phone rings, you hear a message saying, say,  "this caller has dialled the emergency out of hours support number" then you are connected.

Call Forwarding Pricing.

The services prices are based on (a) a basic monthly fee depending which service you take and (b) the cost of on-going calls. If you take Call Recording or Voicemail, you may also incurr (c) storage charges for recorded calls. (We recommend you download and delete any recorded calls as soon as you can!!)  Call charges are at our normal low rates, and calls forwarded to any Horizon or 3CX (with Wizards Sip Trunks) numbers are free. 

Please contact us on 0333 241 7707 or use

Please note these are EX VAT prices.
Contact Point Setup £10 Per account
  Rental £5.50 Per number per month
Contact Path Setup £30 Per account
  Rental £12.50 Per number per month
Contact Pro Setup £15 Per account
  Rental £35 Per number per month
Optional features      
Voicemail Setup £5 Per account
  Rental £5 Per account per month
      Storage fees apply
Advanced Stats Rental £7 per  month
Call Recording Setup £70 per account
  Rental £47 per account per month
      Storage fees apply
Call Whisper Setup £35 per account
  Rental £18 per account per month
Storage fees     Voicemail storage - Per account per month
Up tp 50Mb   £12.50  
Up to 500Mb   £24  
Up to 1Gb   £40  
       Please enquire for larger volume pricing

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