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Geoff Campbell Application Performance and Availability

Application Performance and Availability

Geoff has been working in the field of Application Performance and Availability for many decades, providing evidence-based diagnosis of, and solutions for, all manner of IT performance issues and systems monitoring requirements.

All IT Managers and Directors will be familiar with the shortcomings of modern IT practice when it comes to performance problems and systems monitoring. Performance problems have traditionally been addressed by gathering together a roomful of Subject Matter Experts, and getting each one in turn to look at their component, in the hope that there is a silver bullet that can be applied to make the system suddenly yield performance gains, by changing a variable or increasing the power of a particular server.

In reality, performance problems are much subtler than that, and require an overall view of the system as a whole, building up a profile of the application to see how it behaves, before deciding what the root cause of the poor behaviour might be.  Additionally, this profiling process can reveal many potentially disastrous single points of failure.

Geoff has perfected the process of Application Performance and Availability  and application profiling in particular, and can expose the root cause of large system performance issues in just a few days.

At the other end of the process, it is important to properly test and monitor system performance.  A good load test prior to final implementation can give assurance that a system will meet and exceed its performance requirements and a good Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution can ensure that system performance is properly monitored and reported on, and give valuable diagnostic insight into system failures as and when they happen. This is where  Application Performance and Availability is at its most effective for clients across the board

Client List:

  • SELMS.  South East Library Management Services 
  • Centrica.  
  • PRS for Music.  
  • Debenhams.  
  • EADS FiReControl.  
  • Intergraph.  
  • DSSEC Ltd. (MOD client)
  • Verify Solutions Ltd.  
  • Scottish Police Services Authority. 
  • Bet365 
  • Blue Top Training 
  • Fox Williams 
  • Ingotz 
  • James Walker 
  • Ove Arup 
  • New Look 
  • Learning and Skills Council 
  • President Office Furniture 
  • Ringway 
  • SN Systems 
  • Webtastic 
  • Bell Micro 
  • Allianz 
  • Accenture 
  • Bank of Tokyo 
  • British Plasterboard 
  • BSL Brammer 
  • The Economist 
  • Deutsche Bank 
  • Gearbulk 
  • Geopost 
  • Highways Agency 
  • Hilti 
  • HSBC 
  • Health & Safety Executive 
  • Marks & Spencer 
  • MCPS-PRS Alliance 
  • National Audit Office 
  • Somerfield 
  • Scottish Qualifications Agency 
  • Wood Group 
  • Xchanging. 
  • Compaq
  • Global Internet

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Here is video where Ian Charles Wizards Ltd and Geoff Campbell Philosotech Ltd. discuss Application Performance and Availability:

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