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ADSL General Support

Here are a few useful notes on getting your ADSL system working, or on fixing it if it broke. As you can't access this website if your ADSL is broken, we suggest you print this page out and keep it near your router.

Configuring your router

We will have given you a username and password. You will need to log in to your router and configure it with this information. Other items you will need to fill in are

Encapsulation type = PPPoA
MUX = VC Based
VPI = 0
VCI = 38

Network address "Dynamic" or "Server assigned".

If you don't know how to find your router to do this, click here.

Router preconfiguration

We are more than happy to configure your router before we send it to you - just ask!

Troubleshooting ADSL

My ADSL has never worked

These are a few items to check if your ADSL has never worked.

  • Is it supposed to be live yet? Check the go-live date with us.
  • Have you put a filter on EVERY phone socket? Including your Sky box?
  • If its a new phone line, is it working as a voice line? Test it with a spare phone.
  • Does the DSL light come on on your router when you plug it in?

My ADSL was working fine - until now

  • Is your phone line still working? For voice calls we mean.
  • Do you still get a DSL light on the router?
  • Try turning the router off for a few moments?
  • Try turning the router off for at least half an hour?
  • Can you try using a different microfilter?

If you've tried these tests and it's still not working, give us a call, we'll have to get BT line tests run.

My router is asking strange questions

If, when you attempt to access a web page, you are re-directed to a config page from your router which asks you for your ISP username and password, PLEASE CALL US on 0333 241 7707. What's happening is that your router cannot connect to the internet for some reason, and has assumed that the reason is it isn't correctly configured. This is unlikely to be the case and is CERTAINLY not the case if your router was working earlier. So please DO NOT enter any info into this screen, and call us to check your line is OK. 

If you do fill in any information here, remember it's the info you used to set it up in the first paragraph of this page that it is requesting.

How long will it take to fix my ADSL?

This is quite important. It is within BT's rules of service that they may take up to four working days to even answer us when we submit a fault report, let alone actually fix it. Usually they're much faster but there are no guarantees. If your ADSL line is "Business Critical", you should talk to us about options such as a more reliable system or a second system with redundant routing and automatic fail-over.

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