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3.1mm Thermal/Optical Dual Spectrum Turret for Fever Screening

Specially designed to accurately measure body temperatures in crowded spaces the 3.5mm Thermographic Turret Body Temperature Measurement Camera is able to measure body temperature to an accuracy of ±0.5°C in real time. Featuring an audio alarm and using it's 160 × 120 resolution in thermal channel, high sensitivity sensor the camera will discover and track people with elevated body temperature in a crowded public area and can be used any place of work for inspection and quarantine.

Please download the datasheet here and for further information please call us on 0333 241 7707 or use

DISCLAIMER: Wizards fever detecting systems should never be used as a complete and final diagnosis of infection, disease or virus, they are for use in screening people with a raised skin surface temperature so they can be medically assessed.

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