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Wizards offer the 3CX Software Based VoIP PBX; this is a phone system that runs on a conventional computer rather than a dedicated piece of proprietary hardware. This computer may be located on your premises or remotely in a data centre meaning you have options over the availablity of your phone system.

Ian Charles and Chris Comley of Wizards discuss the 3CX soft PBX system and the value it delivers to your business:

See Wizards case studies on using 3CX here:

For more detail on 3CX and other services contact us on 0333 241 7707 or use


There are many advantages to using 3CX though the biggest is reduced cost of ownership which arises for the following reasons:

3CX Reduces Cost of Ownership

  • Significantly reduce your phone bill as 3CX calls are routed via SIP trunks instead of traditional landlines.
  • International 3CX calls also substantially cheaper than conventional BT charges
  • 3CX phone service delivered over the network so no requirement for additional phone wiring.
  • Wizards 3CX bill per second connected will free itemised billing, also available as a .CSV file download which means you can accurately bill per department or activity.
  • Simple and easy installation and management using web-based configuration interface
  • Significantly cheaper capital outlay vs. proprietary hardware PBX/PABX 
  • System software can also be rented by the month for temporary installations.
  • Hot desking, mobile and home users easily managed using 3CX desktop extension management and call control.
  • Simple low cost expand and contract of users via softphones, smartphones and/or off the shelf IP hardware phones with no 3CX vendor lock in.

Simple Migration to 3CX Through One Number Concept

Migration to 3CX is straightforward as you can migrate your existing numbers and 3CX includes the options to make and receive calls via a traditional desk phone, a softphone on a workstation or laptop or a smartphone.

  • Import existing phone numbers
  • Use any UK geographic code area. 
  • Use any UK non-geographic and low cost 0303 and 0333 numbers charged to the caller at local call rates
  • Multiple numbers in multiple areas if required

Please see Office Phone Services for available options!

3CX Management of Moves Adds and Changes Via Easy to Use Interface


PC and Mac 3CX Softphone Support

Softphones are software applications that run on a local workstation or laptop. Their purpose is to allow you to make and receive calls via that machine using your conventional extension number. 3CX includes softphones for Mac and Windows enabling you to make and receive calls via the office phone system even whilst out of the office without additional licencing fees.

Android and iOS 3CX VoIP Apps


The 3CX Phone VoIP clients for Android and iOS means you can take your extension with you wherever you go. Using these apps means you can use your smartphone from anywhere in the world allowing you to make and receive calls using the one number principle above. You can also set your status to away, available and out of office as required and you can see the status of your colleagues’ extensions. The 3CXPhone VoIP clients for Android and iOS are continuously updated and tested ensuring their ongoing reliability. Remote firewall issues are dealt with using the inbuilt SIP tunnel/proxy and allow PUSH notifications to save on battery life.

Integrated 3CX Video Conferencing, Video Calling and Presentation Share

Download our document comparing 3CX WebMeeting with conference calling here3CX includes free of charge IoS and Android apps that enable video conferencing:


3CX Video Calling:


3CX Presentation Sharing:



3CX has voicemail an embedded feature with options including:

  • System standard greeting message or personal message which you can change at any time.
  • Voicemail is accessible from anywhere.
  • Voicemail sent embedded as email 
  • Voicemail notification via email
  • Voicemail accounts for hunt groups, allowing companywide or department voice messaging for out-of-hours calls.

Call Recording

3CX facilitates the following call recording options:

  • Record all calls.
  • Record a fixed percentage.
  • Record calls on demand.

Hunt Groups

3CX can be set to call multiple extensions or sequential extensions as required meaning calls are answered by the staff member most appropriate to dealing with the enquiry. Each hunt group is allocated an incoming outside number, and an extension number. A call coming in to either number can be set to:

  • Ring all the phones in the group at once
  • Ring each phone in turn, starting with the extension that least recently rang
  • Ring each phone in turn starting with the extension which has been idle longest


3CX includes twinning which allows you to twin your extension with a mobile, home landline, or any number of your choice. In this way a call, internal or external, rings your extension and simultaneously your mobile or other twinned phone and you answer the call on either device.

Flexible choice of lines

3CX supports traditional phone trunks from individual PSTN (ordinary) lines, ISDN2, and ISDN30, and also supports VoIP based "SIP Trunk" connections - in whatever combination suits you. Wizards provide phone lines with non-geographic numbers (e.g. 0808, 0300) and geographic numbers for any location which means you can have a "London" number even if your offices are in Amersham, if that suits your purposes. 

For more detail on 3CX and other services contact us on 0333 241 7707 or use

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