Second Line

Before you order another line

 You can order any type of BT line through Wizards, so let us help you with a second phone line, ISDN lines, etc. 

But before you order a second line, for any reaons, consider the advantages offered by one of our VoIP phones.  

These phones work like any other, except instead of a dedicated phone line, they connect to your broadband router. 

They cost about the same to rent as a new phone line but offer a huge range of features that are either cost-options on the ordinary line, or simply not available.   Check out this list!

CALLS to UK landlines and UK Mobile phones are FREE

Feature BT phone line Horizon VoIP phone
Monthly cost £11.55 (plus vat - Business line) £10.95
Caller Display £1.05 per month extra  Included
Voicemail £1.00 extra Included
Email notification of voicemail No Included
Twinning with mobile No Included
Transfer call to mobile No Included
Transfer call to another landline No Included
Follow me / Find me  No Included
Blacklist numbers No Included
Call recording No Included*
Music on hold No Included
Click to dial No Included
Speed dial If your phone offers it Included
Call history No Included
Fully itemised billing Cost option Free
Instant conference call No Included
Take your existing number Maybe Yes
More than one phone number No Yes
Numbers for other areas No Yes

* Note - the call recording feature is included as standard but there are charges for storing the recorded calls. 

We can set you up with a new VoIP phone within a couple of days!  If you want more information on how this all works, give us a call on 01494 837515, or email us! 

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