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14 Mar 2016 - Horizon and Call Recording

Horizon and Call Recording

If you use the call recording features in Horizon, please remember it is important to "housekeep" the recordings or you could end up paying up to six months' storage fees for one recorded call!

Horizon allows you to record a fixed percentage of your calls, inbound and outbout, up to 100%. Setting it to 100% means it will record every call, of course!

You can also use "record on demand". If you have this feature enabled, you can record any call by entering "Star-One" on your phone keypad at any time during the call. The entire call will be recorded, not just from then onwards.

But please remember, as soon as you record even a single call, you will be charged for call storage. If you don't delete a recorded call before the end of the month, you will be charged storage for that sanme call again next month, and every month for up to six months. Calls are automatically deleted off the system after six months.

If you are unsure how to administer your recorded calls give us a call!

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