What is Ramsomware?

Please click here for our Ransomware infographic/data sheet.

Ransomware is malware designed to render your files inaccessible and demanding a ransom typically in Bitcoins for the release of your data. Even if the ransom is paid the victim has no guarantee they will regain access to their files. Companies that suffer such a data loss disaster are unlikely to recover.

  • Ransomware infection needs to be treated as another type of data loss event.
  • However good your security and in-house practices, ransomware infection needs to be regarded as inevitable with remediation routines established and practiced.
  • 'There are only two types of organizations: those that know that they've been hacked and those that don't yet know' Crowdstrike's Dmitri Alperovitch.

Please click here for our Ransomware infographic/data sheet.

Please see these pages to understand how Wizards can help you remediate ransomware 



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