VoIP Choices

More than a buzzword now, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has advanced into the technology used to make voice calls in the 21st Century. Convectional phones (POTS or PSTN systems) are hardware based and transmit phone calls via an analogue signal using the entire line. Put simply VoIP compresses the call and transmits it as data packets across the Internet using IP (Internet Protocol) technology. This means the call can share a line with your other internet traffic and other voice calls. The result is a more flexible, reliable and above all cheaper service.

Wizards offer the following VoIP solutions with your choice dictated by numbers of users, planned and unplanned growth or decline in requirements and customer budget. Wizards approach has never been one size fits all to find the package that fits your needs please contact Wizards via sales@wizards.co.uk or 0333 241 7707.

  • Horizon Fully hosted in the cloud so you have no on site hardware other than handsets. Full details here
  • 3CX Typically deployed with onsite hardware but is available as a fully hosted cloud service or a hybrid solution. Full details here

Why Buy a VoIP System?

All phone systems have a life and your legacy hardware PBX may be approaching that end or you may need more flexibility with where and how you work such as adding home workers. Reviewing these in detail we see:

Cost Of Ownership

Initial Costs:

Traditional phone systems are based on dedicated proprietary hardware requiring a dedicated “machine” to deliver; that “machine” is expensive to buy and maintain where VoIP systems run on computer hardware either in house or hosted by the provider in the Cloud. This is cheaper to buy, own and maintain than traditional dedicated hardware systems.

Running Costs:

Traditional phone systems place calls over dedicated lines with attendant charges dictated typically by BT. VoIP calls are routed automatically via the least cost supplier over the internet meaning you save money on each call.  A call to another VOIP user is free and calls to a landline user costs are significantly cheaper with prices typically 1.5p/minute to a UK landline, 9p/min to a UK mobile, 2p/min to a French landline.


Legacy phone systems are hardware based and usually limited by the actual hardware in use i.e. the “box” you own dictates how many extensions you can have and the features you may have. A Wizards supplied VoIP solution will essentially look like this:

  • A box on the wall or in a cabinet
  • A Sip Trunk connection to carry voice calls over the internet
  • Optionally a connection to one or more BT PSTN or ISDN trunk lines for external "landline" calls
  • A phone on each desk, with normal handset, perhaps with a headset, or a cordless handset.
  • Voice mail
  • Music on hold
  • Auto attendant
  • Facilitate home and remote office users to have phones which appear as ordinary extensions on your system
  • Facilitate smartphones wherever they are in the world to act as the user’s own extension or DDI as if they were at their desks in the office. 
  • Call forwarding, hunt groups, call queues, call tranfser, etc. 
  • Direct-dial-in numbers to individuals or departments
  • Allow remote offices to have similar systems routing calls transparently between them over the internet
  • Facilitate "soft phones" i.e. phone software on a laptop or desktop with headset or speakers and microphone which acts as the user’s office extension or DDI with no hardware required.
  • No phone cabling required as the IP phones are connected to your normal data network. 

Like all technologies, VoIP has it’s own lexicon so here is The Techies You Can Talk To Guide to VoIP Jargon. If you have any questions, please call Wizards on 0333 241 7707 or use sales@wizards.co.uk.

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