Ransomware Risk Minimisation Strategies

Please click here for our Ransomware infographic/data sheet.

Accepting that infection is almost inevitable you can still take measures to minimise your risks and the potential for other damage; specifcally we recommend Wizards staff training in general housekeeping:

  1. Staff training
    • Keep browsing habits safe
    • Ensure safe practice when opening emails
  2. Run antivirus system
    • Keep up to date
  3. Initiate backup strategy with backups off site and on separate domain
    • Validate restore frequently
  4. Keep all software up to date
    • Run updates as required

This will never be enough; we need to treat ransomware as a zero-day virus that is designed to walk around antivirus software however up to date it is. We nonetheless keep our antivirus software up to date as there is a vast amount of other malware in circulation that we must mitigate against. 

Ransomware Specific Strategy

We must operate on the assumption you will be infected and to quote Lee Child, hope for the best, plan for the worst:

Please click here for our Ransomware infographic/data sheet.

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