Ransomware Remediation and File Triage

Please click here for our Ransomware infographic/data sheet.

Once more we must operate on the assumption you will be infected and here is how Wizards help you deal with that:

File Triage 

Wizards build your backup and DR solution that reflects your needs based on the files you use and how you use them:

creditors and debtors

Need Now Files

These are files that are open constantly, and run the business; typically money owed and money owing.

organising clerk

Need Today/Tomorrow Files

These are files you know you need, but not immediately.

shelves of files

Need This Week or Next Files

While there is an opportunity to archive some files, these will always be a number needed near line.

File Triage and Backup Strategy

Based on the findings of the File Triage process, Wizards will review your existing backup strategy, and determine whether it is fit for purpose in the event of a Ransomware attack, or any other data loss disaster.

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