Manage All Your Contracts Centrally with Contractpedia

Contractpedia is a web-based contract management platform. It's modern interface provides an overview of your contracts, expenses and obligations from anywhere on any device.  

What is Contractpedia For? 

Contractpedia controls your liablities for unused assests be they software, rent, mobile phones, leasing etc.

According to a study by Gartner, organisations can cut spending for software licenses by as much as 30%. Gartner analyst Hank Marquis says the potential savings are too large to be ignored. According to Gartner's latest global IT spending forecast update, organisations will spend $332 billion on software in 2016.

How Does Contractpedia Work? 

Through a simple easy to use interface Contractpedia enables you to: 

  • Centralise all your contract obligations across the organisation 
  • Manage and allocate supplier contracts 
  • Manage and allocate customer contracts 
  • Deliver valuable financial information back to the business

Contractpedia, how it works and what it does video here: 

To find out more on how Contractpedia will work for you and your oganisation contact us on 0333 241 7707 or use

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